Vigil for victoms of Orlando massacre – June 15

To our dear Salt Spring family,

Orlando massacreTears streamed down our faces as we watched the reports flood in of the horrific massacre that took place this past weekend at a queer nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This mass shooting—the worst in modern American history—resulted in 49 people being murdered and 53 more going to hospital, some critically injured. According to the shooter’s father, his son had recently become enraged by the sight of two men kissing, and this may have motivated the devastating attack on the LGBTQ nightclub.

For us here in Canada, this attack comes as a terrible reminder that homophobia and transphobia are alive and well very close to home, and we still have a great deal of work to do to help make a welcoming space available in our world for people of all genders and sexualities, as well as folks of all colors, all nationalities, all abilities, all ages, all faiths.

Hate divides us and causes harm. Love and compassion unite us, and help keep us strong, collectively. With that in mind, GLOSSI is organizing a vigil to be held this Wednesday, June 15th at 7pm in Centennial Park. This will be a space for us to come together and mourn for those who were killed and wounded in Florida, to share feelings and seek support, to hold one another in love and understanding, and to stand in solidarity with all our precious LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and siblings.

If you would like to be involved in helping to organize this event, please contact our former GLOSSI president Bill Turner at

Thank you.

In Love and Solidarity,
The GLOSSI Board