Through its history, GLOSSI has engaged in diverse activities to support GLBTQ people on the island, combat homophobia, and educate the general community on GLBTQ issues. Our activities have included:

  • Assistance/support for GLOSSI members
  • Education: GSA, anti-homophobia presentation, information to counselors, awards, financial assistance to send youth to conferences
  • Participation in diverse community events including the Fall Fair, Artspring auction, etc.
  • Film Festival: input on films, presenters during the festival, info table at festival
  • Talks & information on GLBTQ issues in general community and to groups that have invited us: churches, school, health care providers
  • posters & brochures
  • International outreach: IRQO, petitions
  • Political involvement: same sex marriage support & petitions, contacts with politicians
  • ArtSpring presentations: panel discussions (Pride), queer lives project, Pride entertainment, IRQO presentation
  • Anti-homophobia work including the Laramie Project, panel discussions, work with SWOVA, involvement with Salt Spring United (support group), PFLAG, Vancouver School Board conference
  • Visibility: website, phone, Pride, art shows, daily positive interactions with community
  • Education for health care providers on GLBTQ issues
  • AIDS activism/fundraising
  • Pride: involvement of whole community in ArtSpring events, art shows, dances, parade, performances; gaining support of businesses through contacts & donations